Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It is an activity of global economic importance, which requires different production areas such as Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing and the Public and Private Sectors, in order to provide goods and services for the enjoyment of tourists. But this brings disadvantages, such as the heavy air pollution generated by tourists on beaches and green areas, further destroying planet Earth.

This generates a lot of revenue to countries, such as souvenirs, beaches, zoos, and other attraction sites such as monuments, communities, traditions that each country is different to others, this is what makes travel is interesting to learn more about the cultures of other places. Also, go on vacation to another place that we know neither visited daily is very relaxing and helps to eliminate stress.

Some benefits of tourism are: the integration of families, utilization and exploitation of natural resources, security, because thanks to programs implemented by the government has greatly improved the preservation of historic and tourist sites, creation of new infrastructure, generation employment, development of new technologies, the importance of tourism and hotel management.

And to and disadvantages of tourism as cultural loss of communities, environmental contamination, excessive occupancy costs are destroying natural areas, lack of community awareness that this is generating an excessive advantage of tourists. We take care of our mother earth, so we are not in our country, we must protect it and prevent pollution, because only this home we have, and it costs nothing to care.

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