Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extreme Sport

One of the more extreme sports that catches my attention is the surf.

It is a very difficult sport, except that we must learn from one's child, the degree of difficulty.

It is impressive to see how a person manages to get up on a table and move through the sea and the waves.

You need leg strength and agiliadad for this sport.

In our country many people practice it and take advantage of big waves to and on the beaches of our country.

This sport requires a lot of training, preferably that is small, and so leave perfection.

In our country here are many brands of clothing and accessories to sponsor the best surfers, so they look their clothing while surfing.
Ay as feminine brands that sponsor the girls to the sport.

Anyway, personally this is one of the most difficult sports, yet I would like to practice because it requires great skill.

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