Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Presentation

My name is Katalina Muriel, I have 19 years and my birthday is December 28th of the innocent day .I live in Heredia with my sister and my nephew for university and my parents in Guapiles, study dentistry and is my second year. Single study, but the university sometimes causes me stress, so many subjects.
In my free time I always try to go to concerts of national bands, some of my favorites are Akasha, Percance,The Movement in code, Cocofunka and other bands. I like chatting, eating with my friends or watching movies. Also part of my free time I'm with my family. I don´t like sports, and are necessary for my health, my plan was to go to the gym this year, but I think I can´t university and have very little free time, and when I get home I get very sleepy. It will be a difficult year.

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