Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Elf Story

Once upon time, in a far away village lived a family in a cabin. In the cabin lived the parents, three children (two boys and one girl).

One day the parents came to the town looking for a better life. And they leaved their children alone. At night they were scared of sleeping by themselves, so they slept together. And later on they started hearing voices and laughter. They looked through the window and they saw some kids outside, had colorful clothes and were very small, yet friendly, they runner surprised and started to play with them. Lasted hours and hours playing, running and turning in the trees, the brothers could never reach or see their faces. Very strange and did not say a word. But they were very friendly.

Suddenly the kids disappeared and that was the last someone saw them.

¡That why people think elf took them!

Are the stories told in the village, the children disappeared after having played with elf.

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