Wednesday, April 13, 2011


To find some kind of crime in the countries, in most countries is very common crime that is always present. Most times are robberies in the cities or in stores.

of the most common causes of crimes are is that as currently all that advanced and is now very common to make purchases, deposits or transfers through the internet, many people choose this option because it is much easier and faster, but what people don't know is that it's often dangerous as a fraud or neglect can take advantage. To avoid this we must be careful about leaving cash collection and keep well all papers containing personal information.

The crimes are given by the lack of values, or sometimes by necessity, this occurs most of all in marginal areas where and a lot of poverty, little education and few areas of work and production.

The solution that you can give is that there are more marginal areas and overcoming job opportunities for people who live there, and if the crime occurs because of lack of values, down hard on offenders found in street.

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