Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Advertising in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are a variety of advertising, every business has its source of advertising in order to succeed attracting the public. And often is achieved through different advertising techniques that are able to attract people for its originality and humor manage to cause the client to see the product. For example El Verdugo is using the Tome ChiChi slogan. I love those commercials.

Advertising helps us to choose the products that we promote more interest, and advertising techniques that induce their buyers to see from another perspective the product and with effects and sounds that move us to buy it. Often when the client is duobting on what to buy.Personally I think that advertising has a great effect on persons who calls attention such as advertisements for the Toyota brand cars, introduced its cars for the whole family comfortable, resistant to everything, with a high level of technology , and very effective for everyone. Toyota is making an awesome job on their publicity. I love toyota's work.

I think that the best way to sell a product is by t.v Commercials, because many people use this medium. I watch a lot of T.V myself.

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