Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Elf Story

Once upon time, in a far away village lived a family in a cabin. In the cabin lived the parents, three children (two boys and one girl).

One day the parents came to the town looking for a better life. And they leaved their children alone. At night they were scared of sleeping by themselves, so they slept together. And later on they started hearing voices and laughter. They looked through the window and they saw some kids outside, had colorful clothes and were very small, yet friendly, they runner surprised and started to play with them. Lasted hours and hours playing, running and turning in the trees, the brothers could never reach or see their faces. Very strange and did not say a word. But they were very friendly.

Suddenly the kids disappeared and that was the last someone saw them.

¡That why people think elf took them!

Are the stories told in the village, the children disappeared after having played with elf.


It is an activity of global economic importance, which requires different production areas such as Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing and the Public and Private Sectors, in order to provide goods and services for the enjoyment of tourists. But this brings disadvantages, such as the heavy air pollution generated by tourists on beaches and green areas, further destroying planet Earth.

This generates a lot of revenue to countries, such as souvenirs, beaches, zoos, and other attraction sites such as monuments, communities, traditions that each country is different to others, this is what makes travel is interesting to learn more about the cultures of other places. Also, go on vacation to another place that we know neither visited daily is very relaxing and helps to eliminate stress.

Some benefits of tourism are: the integration of families, utilization and exploitation of natural resources, security, because thanks to programs implemented by the government has greatly improved the preservation of historic and tourist sites, creation of new infrastructure, generation employment, development of new technologies, the importance of tourism and hotel management.

And to and disadvantages of tourism as cultural loss of communities, environmental contamination, excessive occupancy costs are destroying natural areas, lack of community awareness that this is generating an excessive advantage of tourists. We take care of our mother earth, so we are not in our country, we must protect it and prevent pollution, because only this home we have, and it costs nothing to care.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a world language?

Having a global language is good because we facilitate communication, we can to talk not only with people that speak our own language, but also with people from different countries, it’s also an advantage because with this we can understand and know other cultures, and this is important because language is a popular feature of the place in which we live, in other words language identifies us. I think the disadvantage is that the global language is not native to all then we are forced to learn is order to communicate and understand others.

What other languages do you think might become world languages in the future and why?

Another language that could become as world would be Mandarin and Spanish. I think the first would be the Mandarin because this population highly developed has great influence on many of the underdeveloped country, also because it says it is used in the area commercial, economic and touristic. And then the Spanish because nowadays most people speak or even understand a little

Extreme Sport

One of the more extreme sports that catches my attention is the surf.

It is a very difficult sport, except that we must learn from one's child, the degree of difficulty.

It is impressive to see how a person manages to get up on a table and move through the sea and the waves.

You need leg strength and agiliadad for this sport.

In our country many people practice it and take advantage of big waves to and on the beaches of our country.

This sport requires a lot of training, preferably that is small, and so leave perfection.

In our country here are many brands of clothing and accessories to sponsor the best surfers, so they look their clothing while surfing.
Ay as feminine brands that sponsor the girls to the sport.

Anyway, personally this is one of the most difficult sports, yet I would like to practice because it requires great skill.


To find some kind of crime in the countries, in most countries is very common crime that is always present. Most times are robberies in the cities or in stores.

of the most common causes of crimes are is that as currently all that advanced and is now very common to make purchases, deposits or transfers through the internet, many people choose this option because it is much easier and faster, but what people don't know is that it's often dangerous as a fraud or neglect can take advantage. To avoid this we must be careful about leaving cash collection and keep well all papers containing personal information.

The crimes are given by the lack of values, or sometimes by necessity, this occurs most of all in marginal areas where and a lot of poverty, little education and few areas of work and production.

The solution that you can give is that there are more marginal areas and overcoming job opportunities for people who live there, and if the crime occurs because of lack of values, down hard on offenders found in street.

Advertising in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are a variety of advertising, every business has its source of advertising in order to succeed attracting the public. And often is achieved through different advertising techniques that are able to attract people for its originality and humor manage to cause the client to see the product. For example El Verdugo is using the Tome ChiChi slogan. I love those commercials.

Advertising helps us to choose the products that we promote more interest, and advertising techniques that induce their buyers to see from another perspective the product and with effects and sounds that move us to buy it. Often when the client is duobting on what to buy.Personally I think that advertising has a great effect on persons who calls attention such as advertisements for the Toyota brand cars, introduced its cars for the whole family comfortable, resistant to everything, with a high level of technology , and very effective for everyone. Toyota is making an awesome job on their publicity. I love toyota's work.

I think that the best way to sell a product is by t.v Commercials, because many people use this medium. I watch a lot of T.V myself.

The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg, a programming genius who was creating the social network of the history, all started as a small idea and he ends up being the youngest billionaire in history.

Mark after a lover's quarrel started a free game but it was all a lie. Mark realiced that other people had ideas more interesting than his, so he decided to talk with the creator of Napster to begin creating facebook.

The major change was making facebook public for everyone. The impact occurred in the university, it was amazing everyone wanted to have a facebook, but personally I think is very interesting because you can have contact with anyone anywhere in the world and the same was what they thought.

This film for me is one of the best, makes sense and is very interesting.


San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr: Melissa Cespedes

Participate in the activity of Thursday, 20 mental health. Personally I think it was very important for everyone to learn more about what mental health is and how to control and diagnose if some of us have. It was extremely important to recognize that talk is facing a mental ill health. Today we all live a life of stress and many activities at once, and this affects us in what is mental health, and can bring great damage to our body. Was mentioned that a good diet is important and practice exercises and relaxation for the body is stable and I think that is one of the most important things people should do.
Was very useful this talk for me, helped me understand more about what is mental health and how to control.
People who attended were very committed to the participation.
I think they should do more talks on subjects as interesting for everyone.


Katalina Muriel Morales.

My Presentation

My name is Katalina Muriel, I have 19 years and my birthday is December 28th of the innocent day .I live in Heredia with my sister and my nephew for university and my parents in Guapiles, study dentistry and is my second year. Single study, but the university sometimes causes me stress, so many subjects.
In my free time I always try to go to concerts of national bands, some of my favorites are Akasha, Percance,The Movement in code, Cocofunka and other bands. I like chatting, eating with my friends or watching movies. Also part of my free time I'm with my family. I don´t like sports, and are necessary for my health, my plan was to go to the gym this year, but I think I can´t university and have very little free time, and when I get home I get very sleepy. It will be a difficult year.