Wednesday, April 13, 2011


What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a world language?

Having a global language is good because we facilitate communication, we can to talk not only with people that speak our own language, but also with people from different countries, it’s also an advantage because with this we can understand and know other cultures, and this is important because language is a popular feature of the place in which we live, in other words language identifies us. I think the disadvantage is that the global language is not native to all then we are forced to learn is order to communicate and understand others.

What other languages do you think might become world languages in the future and why?

Another language that could become as world would be Mandarin and Spanish. I think the first would be the Mandarin because this population highly developed has great influence on many of the underdeveloped country, also because it says it is used in the area commercial, economic and touristic. And then the Spanish because nowadays most people speak or even understand a little

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